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Planning for a healthy pregnancy should begin before you get a positive pregnancy test. The physicians at Novant Health Bradford Clinic OB/GYN are here to help you plan for your pregnancy and to help you should you have trouble getting pregnant.

Fertility help

If you have been trying to conceive for 12 months or more (six months or more if you are over the age of 35), call our office at 704-246-1836 or 800-972-4177 to schedule an appointment. Our physicians will look at your health history and current health, and identify factors that could prevent you from conceiving. They will also determine whether medications or other treatments are appropriate to help you conceive.

Diet and lifestyle help

A healthy diet, regular exercise, and a life free of alcohol and illegal drugs are key ingredients for a healthy pregnancy. An appointment with an obstetrician before you become pregnant can help you identify lifestyle changes to make before you conceive. These changes can make you healthier and lead to a healthier pregnancy for you and your baby. A preconception appointment is also the perfect time to learn about prenatal vitamins and minerals important to a baby's development. Click here to read more about ways to plan for a healthy pregnancy.

Counseling on genetic issues

Parents with certain genetic makeups are more likely to have children with certain birth defects. If you are concerned about how your genetic makeup or that of your partner could affect your child, genetic screening can provide valuable information. Call our office at 704-246-1836 or 800-972-4177 to learn more.  



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